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Insignificant Other - Full Length Drama, English, HD, Entire Feature Film, Free Movie, Classic Cult Flick.

Insignificant Other (2002)
Country: USA
Runtime: 1h 31min
Genre: Drama
Director: Sean Corrigan
Writer: Sean Corrigan
Stars: Laura Clifton, Brandon Howe, Jessica Schwartz

'Insignificant Other', a Hitchcockian version of S*x and the City, follows the intersecting lives of two couples having extramarital affairs, who live lives of paranoia, wondering if their significant other has found out. It is a dark comedy that challenges the traditional ideas of marriage and questions the societal values of money and s*x. Sarah, an unfulfilled, calculating wife, takes pleasure in having her voyeuristic lover watch her on video cameras that she has hidden inside the vents of her house. Her lover, a psychiatrist twice her age, becomes twisted in Sarah's sordid plot to kill her husband for his large inheritance. The plan slowly unravels when Sarah and her lover suspect that her husband has found out.

There are many directions an independent film may take in it's life. I found out this film was produced on a shoestring budget and the best thing you can say, if you're lucky enough to view it, is "you'd never know". The story may seem familiar, but a few twists and turns gives the spectator a nice little ride through deception. There are many reasons to give this film a look from the fine performances by some rising stars to the photographic angles which brings life to the background. I am not trying to say it's the next best thing to peanut butter and it's time for an Oscar; I am saying it was a fun ride and worth the E-Ticket!

Great movie. Funny and good twisted plot. You don't know what's real and what's not until the end which ties it all together. Entertaining movie for those who don't like the majority of average Hollywood movies you see with dull plots and you already know what is going to happen after watching the first 10 minutes of the movie.

Highly Recommended

Humor, suspense, deception and intrigue! Insignificant Other is Fun. The camera work is effective and the sound track original and well done (Where can I find that music?). The plot takes some interesting twists.

Never a dull moment

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