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Download Evolution Of The Cheep Cheep (1985 - 2017) in MP3 music or 3GP MP4 video, this video has duration 10:01 and uploaded by the user Dr.Wily on Mar 30, 2017.

Today we are going to look at the origin, secrets, timeline, story, lore, mysteries and history of the cheep cheep one of the classic enemies from the super mario bros franchise seen in a lot of underwater levels. This minion of bowser has been seen in a ton of games like super mario galaxy, super mario bros 3, super mario world, super mario maker, super mario 3d world, super mario 3d land and way more! Mario and luigi have faced this enemy many times in order to save princess peach and they have so interesting tricks up their sleeve. So today we are going to fully analyse them and see what changed in all those years in terms of use, game design, gameplay and story!

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