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A fictional movie trailer based on a real one, done for fun and to honour the world's greatest anime movie-maker Satoshi Kon & also masterful manga artist Kiyohiko Azuma.

(And that adorable anime ditz Ayumu "Osaka-san" Kasuga.)

I own no copyrights here, and intend no act of theft or dishonour to the originators of these characters and works. As a Mashup Artist, and in the spirit of modern art trends (they're not so modern, for that matter) I have taken 'samples' of an original work and reworked them in similar format for the purpose of expressing a new artistic idea - lovingly referencing the two originals. I really do hold the original artists and their works in highest honour.

My apologies to DreamWorks, but I just had to do that to your logo. It was too good to pass up. Note that I retained your name & identity in the opening; honouring you as source.
Oh; and thanks for the voice-over. It's good!
And a Big THANK-YOU for distributing Satoshi Kon's masterpiece to the Western World. That's how I came to own it.

My thanks to Nina Matsumoto, fabulous Canadian artist:
and to dluu13.deviantart.com for many MANY perfectly presented screen-caps of our beloved Osaka-san.

TECH DEETS: All images prepared in Paintshop Pro 1998, video in Windows Movie Maker, sound: Audacity.
All scenes screen-capped from the DVD. Most of the faces you see are drawn by Azuma himself or from the anime. (see https://lookafar.deviantart... for credits, if known), and a very few developed by my humble myself. I suck at it, BTW)

Finally, for those that can read it: 私は日本語を謝っています!

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