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Download Fallout 4(mod) - Eisenwolf Legacy. in MP3 music or 3GP MP4 video, this video has duration 23:20 and uploaded by the user TroopperFoFo on Nov 27, 2017.

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This is a master file. You will need it to run other mods that I already created or will create upload onto this site in the future. If this is the case I will explicitely announce it in these mods as well as in the mod list down below. This mod also contains the lore behind the entire mod collection among with a very short introduction quest to give you an immersive access to the mod collection's content.
Before installing any of the mods that require Eisenwolf's Legacy, please make sure that you completed the entire quest and that you got the perk notification at the end. Once the quest is completed, you will also be able to create a new workbench at your settlements, the "Eisenwolf's workbench". You will need this workbench to craft some of the components that are used in the mods that depends on this mod.
Every time you add a new mod which requires this master file, the first time you log into the game a new holotape will be added to your inventory. It'll add another piece of the mod collection's lore and give you some insight about what the new mod does and how it was created by the Eisenwolf.
The mods created by me which require this mod to run:

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