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Carly gets scared because AJ caught her redheaded. Tony comes in and she her shaken up and asks her what is it. She says she saw big black bat. Tony tells Carly she is going to relax or she is going to be a basket case before the take their vows. He asks her of they could say a prayer before the ceremony and she says would she. She tells him to deal with arrangement. She sneaks outside to talk to AJ, he tells her its over and he is not going to let her marry Tony. They agreed that she wouldnt marry Tony until they determine paternity. She begs him not tell Tony and he agrees. He says if she doesnt call it off he will tell everything. She asks why. He says he wants to be on the same legal grown as the both of them and he is not kidding. Tony asks what is it now and does she want to marry him not? She says she thought it would be different and Tony continues to question her. She loses it and has an attack. AJ looks in the window with concern. The paramedics take Carly put in a stretcher. Tony tries reasure her and AJ looks on with concern as the ambulance pulls off.

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